Amazon App Not Working

Is the Amazon app not working? Have You Tried These?

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Everyone knows Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform of the world. This also suggests that there can be various issues associated with its app since millions of daily users interacting with it. So, irrespective of the fact that whether you are using an Android or iOS device, we have collected solutions when the Amazon app is not working.

First of all, don’t get frustrated, as this is kind of a common issue that occurs every now and then. Also, the troubleshooting methods that we are going to discuss are not rocket science, and you can perform these by yourself whether or not you have technical knowledge. Let’s dive in.

Amazon app not working

Is your Amazon app not working? Here are the solutions

Let’s start with the simplest of fixes first and gradually move on to the advanced troubleshooting methods.

Reboot your device

Rebooting a device when there is an issue is the most straightforward thing you should do before you try anything. At times, over usage of a particular app could force it to malfunction for no reason, and the quality of the device you use also has a considerable say on this. So, yes, a simple restart may fix the issue, and most probably, you won’t have to read the article any further!

Inspect the internet connection

If you find it challenging to work with programs that require an internet connection to function, there is a huge chance that a poor internet connection playing the spoil game. In certain situations, you may see that you are connected to the internet, but the task you try to execute doesn’t go according to the plan. If this sounds like your situation, disconnect your source of internet and reconnect it.

Also, you would want to reconfirm the speed and the strength of the signal before you put the blame on the poor Amazon app.

Close the unwanted running apps

Most of us don’t worry about closing apps once we complete using them. These apps eat chunks of your phone’s RAM to run in the background. When there are considerable apps opened in the background of your device, the RAM has little memory to allocate to the Amazon app to function to its fullest capacity. And, the Amazon app does require an appreciable amount of memory as it is full of features. So, make sure you shut down unnecessary apps and give a fresh start to the app.

Update the app

App developers release new updates rather frequently to fix the bugs of the current versions of the apps. So, it is imperative to work with updated versions to minimize the chances of glitches. There are researches to confirm that outdated apps often have the tendency to throw various problems at users. So, see whether you are using the latest version of the app if you are pulling hair thinking why the Amazon app is not working.

Reinstall the app

If the above-mentioned troubleshooting method had no success, this is the next thing you have to do. We are not going to explain how to reinstall an app on Android or iOS devices as it is just a cakewalk as far as we are concerned. Before you reinstall the app, we recommend you reboot the device to give the app and the phone itself an unsmoked go.

Update your phone’s software

Regardless of the type of smartphone you own, it is important to update its software to allow apps to run smoothly. Smartphone brands often release software updates, and the truth is that most users disregard these updates mainly because of data consumption. This can cause conflicts between certain apps and the software and eventually make it harder for the apps to do the job they are expected to do.

Most of the previous instances of this issue are a result of this, and we highly recommend you to update the phone’s software as a solution to the Amazon app not working issue.

Availability of Amazon

Now, this may raise the eyebrows of many. But, you got to understand that there is a slim possibility of Amazon servers going down as well. Being the number one online shopping platform, Amazon too has to make certain adjustments to their system to provide the best possible service to their customers above the standards of the competitors. If this is the case, you have nothing to do but wait for a moment until everything is back to normal. You can verify this by using another device to access Amazon.

Ok, guys, if you still have no success with the issue and you want something to order ASAP, the next solution you have is to opt for an Amazon alternative. In fact, there are many reliable online eCommerce apps available where you can expect more or less similar services to Amazon.

Best alternatives to Amazon app in 2021

Here are some of the great Amazon alternatives you can consider if you are in a hurry to buy something.


eBay is perhaps the best alternative option you can think of in place of the Amazon app. It has literally everything you need and is one of the reliable platforms as well. However, keep in mind that the goods you see on the app or website are not from eBay but third-party sellers.



If you are searching for a tech-related product, there is no better place than Newegg to visit. This platform is full of electronic products; in fact, it is kind of dedicated only to tech junkies. On the other hand, it is the only downside of Newegg as well.


AliExpress is another great eCommerce app you can use when the Amazon app is not working. This is a business module owned by Alibaba group, and the most significant plus point of AliExpress is that there is no middle man. This means you have the opportunity to buy stuff directly from the factory without having to pay additional bucks. In addition, the amount you spend on something won’t get released to the sellers until you receive the product. So, the security side of things is in safe hands too.


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