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JINA App Drawer and Sidebar – Depth Review

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JINA App Drawer helps you to find apps in your device quickly. But it does many more things. There are 4 main tasks of this app. They are App Drawer, Sidebar Launcher, App Organizer, and Folders. They are separately discussed in this article. This is one of the best app drawer applications according to user experiences. You can arrange applications and shortcuts like a pro. 

  • 100K+ downloads
  • 4.6/5.0 Google Play Rating
  • License – Free
  • Nearly 10MB app size
  • Android 4.1 and up

Main Features

App Drawer, App Organizer and Folders

App drawer is a list of apps installed on your device. But it is different. You can gain lots of benefits from this app drawer. Users can save a lot of time by using JINA App Drawer. 

  • Quickly search installed apps
  • Sort apps by different criteria
  • Keep favorite apps separately
  • Shows the tags for apps like tools, communication, finance, photography, etc. You can put your own tags. Also, you can sort apps according to the tags
  • Shows the total number of apps

Sidebar Launcher

Two sidebar launchers are available in this app. They can place in the edge of the below and left side of the screen. Sidebar spots are always running on the other apps. We have tested that those sidebar spots do not disturb normal activities on the phone. Also, users can change the size and colors of sidebar spots. 

  • Can place two sidebars
  • Can change the appearance of sidebars spots.
  • easy to scroll through the apps
  • Can change the position of sidebars
  • Show favorite apps show in the notification launch area. You can choose 2 apps.

Other Features

  • Export apk – Users can export the apk file to any destination
  • Set your own icon – If you prefer another icon rather than default icon of the app, you can use this feature
  • Export icon – Export the icon of the app as an image file
  • Get Google Play info – Get the Google Play store info of any app easily
  • Hide app – Hide any app easily
  • Disable app
  • Rename app
  • Put custom notes – You can add some notes to the apps. A great feature for app developers
  • App statistics – View the statistics of apps. A graph with installation by month. You can reset it also.
  • Change theme – Use a custom theme. Also, users can use a background image
  • More than 15 languages
  • Prevent installation of apps
  •  Backup data

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