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5 Best Quiz Maker Apps for Android 2020

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Quiz maker apps allow you to create quizzes easily. Here we have collected the top 5 quiz creating apps in the Google Play Store. Each one of them has its unique features. Sometimes you have to pay money to buy professional features. Make sure that the below list is not in order. It’s up to you to select the best app according to your requirements.

1.Quiz Maker

The first app suggests to you when searching for quiz makers in Play Store. There are two versions of this app. The professional one and the normal one. Here we chose the normal one. You can create and share quizzes easily. Quizzes can share through a *.qcm file format. After creating the questions, you can test and play the creation. The test can launch between challenge mode and exam mode. There you can check your satisfaction.

100K+ downloads, about 10MB apps size, requires Android 4.4 and up

Google Play Rating(4.4/5.0)


  • Tutorial at the beginning
  • MCQ, single answer and open ended questions
  • Share the creations via *.qcm file
  • Define scoring policy
  • Change language for the questionnaire


  • Professional version offers up to 8 types of questions
  • Cannot mix the answers

2.Quiz Maker Offline

This quiz creator app lets you build ultimate questionnaires. Even they highlighted this app as “offline,” most of the quiz maker apps are offline. The User Interface(UI) is not very much friendly when compared with other quiz maker software. And also, only basic features are available. In our opinion, this app is not suitable for professional use.

10K+ downloads, about 10MB apps size, requires Android 4.4 and up

Google Play Rating(4.1/5.0)


  • Night mode
  • MCQ and fill in the blank questions
  • Enlarge Font Size option
  • Password protection
  • Can import CSV files


  • Contains ads
  • UI is not friendly
  • No tutorial at the beginning


Quizzer is a perfect questionnaire maker app for students. You can make a quiz very easily. This test maker app includes basic features. Upgrading to pro version only removes ads. So that seems to be worthless when compared with before mentioned Quiz Maker app.

100K+ downloads, about 5MB apps size, requires Android 4.4 and up

Google Play Rating(3.9/5.0)


  • Friendly UI
  • MCQ, MCQ with multiple answers, short text, true or false
  •  Every basic features


  • Contains ads
  • Upgrade to pro only removes ads

4.MTestM: Create your own exams and tests

Make your own quiz using MtestM quiz app. This is an easy test maker app. This app consists of several types of questionnaire types, which most of the other apps don’t have. Also, the UI is simple and easy to understand.

50K+ downloads, about 25MB apps size, requires Android 4.2 and up

Google Play rating(4.2/5.0)


  • MCQ, select one or more choices, fill in blank, matching,true or false, short answer, essay, correction, fixed MCQ casesensitive fill in blank etc
  • Simple UI


  • Contains ads
  •  Crashing problem in some devices

5.Test Maker

This free quiz maker app lets you to create a questionnaire with basic features. The UI is not mush friendly when compared with other apps. Also, there are no professional features in this app. You can remove ads by spending some money.

100K+ downloads, about 10MB apps size, requires Android 5.0 and up

Google Play Rating(4.0/5.0)


  • Basic features
  • MCQ, short answers, 


  • Contains ads
  • UI is not friendly
  • Pro version only removes ads


We are making a great effort to bring you the best apps from the Google Play Store. There are both positive and negative sides of every app. So it’s up to you to select the best app according to your requirement.

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